John Pritiskutch Reproductions

History of Lebanon County - U. B. Aid Society

The following is reproduced from the 1875 Atlas of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

U. B. Aid Society

Lebanon, although inferior in population to many other Pennsylvania towns, can boast of one of the most successful and well-planned and managed Life Insurance Companies of the country. The company referred to is known as the " United Brethren Mutual Aid Society of Pennsylvania," and is located at the corner of Ninth and Railroad sts. This company, which is based upon a new and popular system, which it would be well for all to investigate, was chartered by the State Legislature, March 11th, 1809, and began business May 11th, 1870; and so well have they demonstrated to the public the advantages of their plan, that on the first of July, 1875, they had no less than 8,600 policies in force, representing an insurance of $11,903,000, and have paid death losses to the amount of $221,000, besides all other expenses.

Short as is the time since their establishment, they have, by a Judicious and liberal policy, the prompt payment of losses, and attention to the interests of their policy-holders, thoroughly won the confidente of the people, and are entering on a career, perhaps as promising as any like institution in the whole country. It is claimed that the "Home Office" (a view of which appears in this Atlas) is one of the most beautiful and convenient insurance buildings in Pennsylvania. It is a three-story brick edifice, with sand-stone corners, 60x61 feet. The lower floor is arranged for a bank, an,; the general business of the Society. The rooms devoted to each are 26x57 feet, and have large fire-proof vaults attached. There is also. a committee-room 16x20 feet. The General Agent's office is situated on the, 2d floor, fronting Ninth street. The remainder of the building is elegantly fitted up with the latest and best water, gas, and heating apparatus, and is variously adapted for offices and halls. The whole building is a model of beauty, both in workmanship and architectural design, and the Society and town may well be proud of the results of the past 5 years. The view from the cupola is one of the finest in the State. Lebanon and the surrounding country lie spread before the eye like a map. Churches, manufactories, farm houses, and other private residences, all blend together in a view worthy of great effort to behold.

The following is an abstract of the financial statement of the society, July 1st, 1875.

Real Estate
Assessments Due
Premiums Due
Cash On Hand
Due From Agents
Other Available
Total Assets

Death Claims
Death Claims Registered
Salaries Due &c
All Other Claims
Total Assets
Surplus of Assets