John Pritiskutch Reproductions

History of Berks County - Ruscomb Township

The following is reproduced from the 1876 Atlas of Berks County, Pennsylvania

This township was settled about the year 1732. A band of emigrants passing by the more fertile regions of the county preferred to make their homes among the less inviting hills of Ruscomb Manor and vicinity. Notwithstanding the sterility of the soil, the number of taxables nearly doubled from 1740 to 1760. The nationality of the settlers can be judged from the names of some of the first, land-holders: Andrew Benst, John Wilkhammer, Martin Spiegelmeuer, Yost Wagoner, George Anstad, John Miller and Christian Shoemaker.

The original name of the township was Ruscommanor. Its boundaries are Richmond on the north, Rockland on the northeast, and Maiden Creek on the northwest. The township contains about ten thousand acres of land. The soil is gravely and of inferior quality, although with due attention to the application of suitable fertilizers, there is no doubt but that good harvests may be gathered, sufficient to repay the farmer for his trouble and expense.

In 1870 the number of inhabitants was 1408.

The principal village, in the township is Pricetown, situated in the south-eastern portion. It derives its name from that of the founder of the village one Conrad Price, who laid it out over one hundred years ago. This is a very pleasant place, and one of considerable importance. It contains three churches, owned by the Methodist, Baptist, and German Reformed and Lutheran denominations.

Farming is the principal business of the inhabitants. Several mines of iron ore have been discovered within the township. A number of mills are in successful operation.