John Pritiskutch Reproductions

History of Berks County - District Township

The following is reproduced from the 1876 Atlas of Berks County, Pennsylvania

District township is situated in the northwestern part of the county. The earlier settlers seem to have chosen the location, because of the abundance of springs and pure water with which the township is blest. Like most of those who occupied the virgin soil of Berks county, these settlers were principally Germans ; and the lists of tax-payers and voters at the present time show that the population is largely made up of their descendents. The number of inhabitants instead of ineceasing, has steadily diminished for the last twenty years. At the taking of the census of 1850, there were 842 souls within the township ; in 1860, 786 ; in 1870, 724. As in other rural communities, the tendency of the young and enterprising is to seek larger fields of activity in more thriving localities.

The township is bounded on the north by Longswamp ; on the east by Hereford and Washington ; on the south by Pike; on the west by Rockland. It has a length of four and a half miles, and an average width of three and a half miles. The surface is rugged and hilly. The soil is not of a superior quality, although susceptible of being improved by the application of composts, with thorough cultivation. There are no villages in the township.

Pine creek, a branch of the Manatawny, has its source in this township, and furnishes sites for mills. some of which are occupied by a furnace, forge, grist-mill and saw-mill.