John Pritiskutch Reproductions

History of Lebanon County - Weimer Machine Works

The following is reproduced from the 1875 Atlas of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

For a number of years past, the attention of the people of Lebanon county has been directed to agricultural pursuits chiefly, resulting from the fact that the fine climate and fertile soil of the Lebanon valley has made it one of the best agricultural regions on the globe; consequently, the manufacturing interests were, for a time, overlooked. Since the opening of the Union Canal, and building of railroads, connecting the Lebanon Valley with the vast coal fields, and adjoining counties, and from the fact that inexhaustible deposits of iron ore are found in the valley, and large quantities of lumber are hewn in the mountain regions, and sent by railroad and canal into the county, the attention of the capitalists has been directed to the manufacturing interests. Ranking among the foremost of the enterprising manufacturers, Messrs. Weimer & Birkinbine, who are located at Lebanon, near the depot, deserve special attention, as they were the first to improvements. They were established in 1856, and by their strict integrity and business ability, have merited the reward of a large and flourishing the advantages afforded Lebanon for large manufacturing establish business, which,. to-day, is one of the most extensive in the county. Here are built all kinds of machinery for furnaces, water works, &c., engines of various kinds, broad and narrow gauge R. R. cars, &c., &c.

These works, when in full blast, are said to furnish employment for about 500 men. A branch office has been established at 152 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.