John Pritiskutch Reproductions

History of Lebanon County - Heidelberg Business Notices

The following is reproduced from the 1875 Atlas of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania


Groh A. S..Dealer in gen'l Merchandise, viz. Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Drugs, Boots, Shoes, &c. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Krall Cyrus.. Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Drugs, Boots, Shoes, Earthenware, Hats. Caps and Tobacco. A large assortment of the latest style of goods constantly on hand. Remember the place, north-east cor. of Main st, and Lancaster ave, Schaefferstown, Pa. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon, co

Heist Win.. Dealer in Dry Goods, Notions, Drugs, Hardware, Groceries. Queensware, Earthenware, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Tobacco, &c. A full assortment constantly on hand. Address communications to his PO, Reistville, Lebanon co

Royer J. M..Dealer in gen'l Merchandise, Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Queensware, Drugs, Boots, Shoes, &c. PO, Kleinfeltersville, Lebanon co


Bucher I. Reiley..Physician and Surgeon. Office on Main st, Schaefferstown. PO, Shaefferstown, Lebanon co

Zerbe Jonathan, M.D..Mr. Zerbe has on his property, about three miles from Schaefferstown, a quarry of fine Brown Sandstone of a superior quality, most reasonable rates. Persons wishing to engage stone, will please apply at his Office on Market st, which can be had by persons desiring them, at the Schaefferstown, Pa. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co


Bubb H..Manufr of and Dealer in Plows. Also, repairer of all kinds of Farming Implements. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

McElroy John. . Carriage Manufr, and does Fancy Work of every description in his line, such as repairing and Manufacturing. Heavy work he does not do

Stock August..Cabinet Maker and Undertaker. Also, repairer of Pianos, Organs, and Manufr of Farmers Grinding Mills. Professor and Teacher of Music. Classes and single Pupils promptly and properly attended to. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Stohler J. B.. Blacksmith, and Manufr of and Dealer in all kinds of Edged Tools, such as Axes, Chisels, Knives, Drills, &c. P 0, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Kegerreis Michael. .Blacksmith. Manufr and repairer of Hay Rakes, Plows, and all kinds of Farming Implements. PO; Schaefferstown, Lebanon co


Binckley Jae'b..Horse Dealer. Also, Farmer and Owner of 165 acres of land well laid out, so that the Cattle can pass from the barn to any field, by means of a lane. PO, Kleinfeltersville, Lebanon co

Brendal Daniel.. Farmer and Owner of 90 acres of land near Schaefferstown. The property is well improved, PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Bucher Cyrus.. Farmer of E. Bucher's property, consisting of 80 acres. Also, 33 acres of Woodland in South Lebanon Township. PO, Reistville, Lebanon co

Keener Franklin..Propr of two farms of 90 acres each. The improvements thereon are two large farm houses, and Swiss Barns. The farms are well watered, and in a good state of Cultivation. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Kurtz Edwin H.. Farmer of S. Kurts' property, consisting of 125 acres. PO, Reistville, Lebanon co

Oberholtzer A. B.. Framer and owner of 55 acres of land, The improvements thereon being a large House and Barn. A large spring is before the door of the house; also, a large spring under the house

Phillippy John S..Farmer and owner of 92 acres of land, well laid out, so that the Cattle can pass front the barn to any field, by means of a lane. He is also the inventor of, and holds the Patent right for the Farmers Grinding Mills. PO, Reistville, Lebanon co

Simon Adam S.. Farmer of his Father's property, consisting of 45 acres, well watered and in good state of Cultivation. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon Co

Wenger Jacob H.. Farmer of 48 acres. Lime is to be had for purposes. Farmers finding the stone or not, can have it burned at the most reasonable rates. Address all communications to Reistville, Lebanon co


Bomberger A. S.. Owner of 20 acres of land, improvements thereon are a large frame house and barn. Also, Proprietor of Bomberger's distillery, and Dealer in Liquors, both Wholesale and Retail. Pure Rye Rum to be had at the lowest market price. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Bomberger Henry..Tanner, and Owner of 20 acres of land. Custom and Merchant Dealer in Hides. PO Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Bucher Christ.. Owner of 90 acres, can which ore is found in large quantities. Minister. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Graybill John L..Owner of the Franklin House. As well as another property in Schaefferstown, and a farm property in Heidelberg Township. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Phillippy Peter S..Butcher, Farmer and owner of 33 acres of land, including 1 1/4 acres young orchard. The improvements are a large frame house 30x35, and Slaughter-house, together with a stone barn. PO Reistville, Lebanon co

Royer S. V. School Teacher. P 0 Reistville, Lebanon co

Reist J. B..School Teacher. Holding a permanent certificate. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Spangler Jonathan..Owner of 5 acres and 10 perches of land, one mile from Schaefferstown, on the road leading from S. to Bomberger's Distillery. The improvements thereon are a good frame house 22x30, and a Swiss barn 22x30. Mr. Spangler is a first-class well digger, PO Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Coil Dane.. Laborer. Res. Schaefferstown

Shower Andres..Constable and Laborer, Res on Main st. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanona co.

Snavely I.A..Jonathan Snavely, owner of 1 hours and lot in Schaefferstown. Also, a farm property of 176 acres in Heidelberg Township. I.A. Snavely, Clerk for Rex Weigley. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Walter C. B..Owner of 9 acres of land, 1 mile east of Schaefferstown. The improvements thereon are a frame house and barn. Clerk for A. S. Groh, PO Schaefferstown. Lebanon co

Weigley W. M..Owner of an elegant establishment on Main st, Schaefferstown. Also, a farm property in Heidelberg, as well as Mountain land. On the property there is a quarry of very fine Brown Sandstone, of a superior quality, which can be had by persons desiring them. Apply at his Res in Schaefferstown, Lebanon co. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co

Zug Samuel..Propr of the Franklin House, where travelers will be well accommodated; and the Bar is always supplied with the best Liquors. PO, Schaefferstown, Lebanon co