John Pritiskutch Reproductions

History of Berks County - Robeson Township

The following is reproduced from the 1876 Atlas of Berks County, Pennsylvania

Robeson township, situated in the southern portion of Berks county, was settled at an early period, principally by the Friends or Quakers. The names of the earliest settlers were Gains Dickinson, John Scarlet and Peter Thomas. Others followed them from England and Wales. In the records of the old Robeson church, which date back as far as 1770 we find the following interesting document of 1779. " Whereas, we the subscribers, have built a house for divine worship in the township of Robeson, Berks county, in the State of Pennsylvania, and have appointed the same for a Protestant Lutheran congregation in unity with the united German Lutheran churches and ministry of the United States of Nord America, and for none other minister and preacher, except he be examined and ordained by the said United Lutheran Ministry; and, Whereas, a number of deluded people are about to intrude a man in our church by force and violence who is not examined nor ordained nor fit for the office; we forewarn therefore all and every person or persons in no manner to insult nor violate our privileges, right and liberty of conscience which we have hitherto enjoyed, and humbly implore our kind superiors, magistrates, and likewise our united Rev. Synod for protection and shall forever pray: Robeson township, March 20, 1779, factum ut supratestatur, Henry Muhlenberg, V. D. M.; John Fehr, John Moyer, sr., Paul Geiger, Jacob Seifrit, Philip Wert, Melchoir Sweitzer, Jacob Hoffman, Casper Wolf, Peter Bohm, Philip Fehr, John Moyer, jr., Geo. Wickline, Jacob Fehr."

This township was also the scene of a singular transaction. Lotteries are not generally approved of by religious and strictly conscientious people. But in 1810, a plan was started to raise five thousand dollars, "to enable the Lutheran and Presbyterian congregations to build a church and school house in Robeson township, Berks county."

"Joanna Furnace," established in 1792, is situated in this township. The furnace, together with five thousand acres of land, is owned by Messrs. Levi B. Smith & Son.

Messrs. E. & G. Brooke, views of whose furnaces appear in another part of this work, own extensive properties in the Borough of Birdsboro', in the eastern portion of the township, and are extensively engaged in the manufacture of iron, employing many men and taking an active interest in the welfare of the town, they have greatly contributed to Its advancement. It is one of the most enterprising towns in the county. Has fine stores, mills, schools, churches and other buildings. A spicy, entertaining and prosperous paper is printed here under the name of the "Birdsboro' Pioneer."

Robeson is bounded on the north by Exeter, separated by the Schuylkill river; on the east by Union; on the south by Caernarvon; on the west by Cumru and Brecknock. The surface is hilly, and the soil of ordinary quality, but capable of being improved by good culture. Allegheny and Hay creeks flow through the township, and water the land abundantly.

Robeson township has a population of 2,458 inhabitants.

The Wilmington & Reading Railroad has several stations in the township.

The villages are Gickersville in the north, and Geigertown in the southeast. They are both small places.